Autovia Car Rental

A rental network in Italy and around the world

Autovia is a company operating in the “automotive” sector specialized in car and van rental, we are present throughout Italy to support and innovate corporate and individual mobility, leaving our customers with a single thought linked to the car we have just supplied: drive it!

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Our Values

Years of experience in the field allow us to build a company with solid foundations: absolute comfort and total transparency towards the customer.

Advantages of Autovia rental

At your disposal 24/7
Transparent convenience
Regularly checked cars
Large fleet
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Our mission

Autovia’s mission is clear and simple: to contribute to spreading the culture of effective and eco-sustainable mobility, thanks to clear prices and a transparent policy towards the customer.

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Our support

An always active service for the constant maintenance of the vehicles, specialized offices to follow customers from booking to after rental and a communication team for online support on all platforms.

The history of Autovia

  1. Headquarters: 2 Fleet: 100 Dipendenti: 5
  2. Headquarters: 4 Fleet: 300 Employees: 10
  3. Headquarters: 15 Fleet: 1000 Employees: 35
  4. Headquarters: 67 Fleet: 8000 Employees: 250
  5. Opening of 12 new branches abroad: - Albania: 5 - Morocco: 6 - Malta: 1

The Autovia Team

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Our offices

Many offices in Italy and abroad, but a unique service in the world