Q. How do I make a reservation? plus minus

There are various ways to make a reservation:

  • You can write to, telling us which rental station you want to rent from, for how long, and what type of vehicle you want to reserve.
  • You can make a reservation on the website
  • You can contact our Call Centre on +39 02 84065
Q. How do I modify an existing reservation? plus minus
  • You can write to, indicating your reservation number.
  • You can contact our Call Centre on +39 02 84065
Q. Can I cancel a reservation? plus minus

Customers can cancel a prepaid reservation. Cancellations must be requested from our reservations office:

  • You can write to, indicating your reservation number.
  • You can contact our Call Centre on +39 02 84065

If the cancellation is made up to 24 hours before the established vehicle pick-up time, no penalty will be charged.

Customers who cancel later than 24 hours before the established vehicle pick-up time will not have the right to a refund.

Q. How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed? plus minus

Check to see if you have received the confirmation email. For further information, you can:

  • Write to
  • Contact our Call Centre on +39 02 84065
Q. What documents do I need to bring when renting? plus minus

When collecting the car, the main driver, as well as any additional drivers, need to show:

  • an original, valid driving licence in good condition.
  • an original, valid identity card or passport in good condition.
  • a physical, valid credit card in good condition and in the name of the main driver (VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards are accepted).

Customers resident in a non-EU country must have an original driving licence issued by their country of origin that is valid for international use, or translated by an Embassy or equivalent authority.

Q. What deposits are required to rent a vehicle? plus minus

The sum of the security deposit required may vary according to the type of vehicle reserved and the level of exclusion of liability. A table with specific information can be found via the following link

The physical credit card in the name of the main driver is therefore necessary in order to pre-authorise the security deposit for rental.

Deposits are lower if the Customer also purchases additional insurance cover:

Q. How can I pay for my rental or any additional services? plus minus

You will be asked for a credit card at the rental desk, which will be used for the security deposit.

You can use the same credit card, or a debit card, to pay the relative costs.

Q. How can I get a copy of my invoice? plus minus
  • Italian customers, whether companies or natural persons, will receive their invoice directly in their personal tax box. A copy of the invoice can be requested from the rental desk, and it will be either printed or sent via email to your email address.
  • If you are a foreign customer, you can ask for a copy of the invoice from the rental desk, and it will be either printed or sent via email to your email address.
  • You can receive a copy of your invoice at any time once the rental period is complete by writing to
Q. I have had an accident. What do I have to do? plus minus
  1. Call the rental company as soon as possible to inform them of the accident.
  2. Complete the Agreed Accident Declaration Form (CAI) and ensure that it has been signed by both parties, and send it within 24 hours to the relative rental station.
  3. Inform the nearest branch of public security authorities.
  4. Take note of the names and addresses of the people involved, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved, as well as the personal details of any witnesses.
  5. Provide the rental company with all information that may be useful.
  6. Follow the instructions given to you by the rental company regarding the safeguarding and the repair of the vehicle.

In the event that the vehicle cannot be driven due to a breakdown or accident, you will need to call the rescue service on 02.78652230 to request a tow truck to take the vehicle to the nearest mechanic.

Q. The vehicle has been stolen. What do I have to do? plus minus

If the vehicle has been stolen, the Customer must immediately contact the rental company and report the theft to the relative public security authorities.

An authenticated copy of the official report (or one of the originals prepared by the public security authorities) must be presented to the rental company.

As well as a copy of the report, the Customer must also return the vehicle keys to the rental company, as well as any remote control/alarm control that the vehicle may have.

Q. My driving licence has been stolen. Can I rent a vehicle with a provisional driving permit? plus minus

Italian customers with a provisional driving permit can use this instead of a driving licence. The permit must be valid and must show the number of the licence it is substituting as well as the issue and expiry date of the same.

Q. What should I do if I lose the vehicle keys? plus minus

If you lose the vehicle keys, and are certain that they cannot be found, you must contact the Rental office, which will recover the vehicle, and file a loss report with the police, of which a copy is to be given to the Rental company. In this case, there will be no substitute vehicle. The costs charged to the customer for loss of keys are shown via the link and depend on the category of vehicle.

The vehicle downtime, i.e., the period of time in which the vehicle cannot be rented until new keys have been made, will also be charged to the customer as indicated in our Damage and Accessory Penalty Policy which can be accessed via the link

Q. I may have violated the highway code or may not have paid a motorway toll. What should I do? plus minus

The customer, as the holder of the rental contract, is responsible for any fines resulting from violations of the highway code, including the non-payment of motorway tolls or parking fees. This is why the customer is obliged to take direct responsibility.

In the case of immediate fines, the customer may pay directly, and must immediately inform Autovia via any of the available channels (,, attaching a copy of the notification and proof of payment. In this case, no additional charge will be made to the customer.

The Customer will in any case be obliged to pay the amount indicated on the Offence Notification sent to Autovia. Autovia will not charge its Customers for the reissuing of notifications to the relative authorities. Please remember, however, that if you have purchased the Notification Management/Assistance package, you will have the right to receive all the documentation related to the notification, any photographic evidence available, and the support of our qualified personnel in order to programme any appeals against the notification in advance.

Q. I have been charged for damages. plus minus

When a vehicle is returned (check-in), an inspection will be made together with the Customer, and the operator will note any new damage not attributable to normal wear and tear on the relative Check-in Form and will ask the Customer to pay for the damage recorded. The charges will be calculated on the basis of the rates shown in the Damage Table

In all cases in which the inspection is carried out exclusively by the branch operator, any anomalies/damage detected will be communicated to the Customer via email, with the relative documentation attached. If the Customer does not dispute the notification within seven working days from receipt of the communication, Autovia will proceed to collect the sum requested. Our charge notices include all the documentation to certify the presence of the new damage found and not present on the Damage Check Sheet agreed on and signed by the Customer on check-out.

In all cases in which the sum cannot be clearly determined from the relative tables, Autovia will request an estimate from an inspector enrolled in the national register or from a specialised workshop. The estimate will be communicated to the Customer via email, together with the debiting of the damages and relative charges.

Q. How can I check previous damage (damage that is present on check-out of the vehicle) and avoid this damage being attributed to me on check-in? plus minus

During the check-out process (consignment of the vehicle to the Customer), all the damage on the vehicle will be listed on the Damage Check Sheet attached to the contract.

We invite our Customers to examine this sheet carefully to ensure that it is correct, and to report any discrepancies to our operators, who will update the Damage Check Sheet and will ask the Customer to sign this sheet again before taking possession of the vehicle.

Q. Can I drive the rental vehicle abroad? plus minus

Our vehicles can be driven in the following countries: Germany, San Marino, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands.

Before taking the vehicle to another country, it is necessary to inform the rental company, otherwise the driving of the vehicle beyond state borders will be considered a breach of the rental contract. The cost of cross-border rental is shown in the table of accessory charges available via the following link:

It is the responsibility of the Customer to verify the requirements of the country they intend to visit with regards to road transportation and vehicle equipment, and to ensure that the vehicle rented is compatible with said requirements.

Q. What additional accessory charges may be applied at check-out and check-in? plus minus

You can find a list of accessory charges and the relative price via the following link:

Q. Can I return my rental vehicle at a different station from the one I collected it from? plus minus

The cost of returning a vehicle at another branch is EUR 73.20, VAT included. If the vehicle was picked up from, or is to be returned at, a branch in Sicily or Sardinia, the cost is EUR 305.00, VAT included.

It is NOT possible to return the vehicle at a location outside of Italy or at a location where an Autovia Office is not present.

Q. Can I add another driver? plus minus

Additional drivers can be added to the contract before collecting the vehicle, at a cost of EUR 9.00 per day, VAT included.

Q. I have not filled the vehicle with fuel to the same level as when I collected it at the beginning of the rental period. plus minus

In the event that the vehicle is returned without a full tank or in any case with fuel at a level inferior to that at the moment the vehicle was collected at the beginning of the rental period, the Customer will be charged the cost of the difference in fuel calculated at a cost per litre indicated in the contract, plus another EUR 15 (VAT included) as penalty.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum ages for renting a vehicle? plus minus

The minimum age for renting a car is 19.

Drivers aged between 19 and 24, or over the age of 75, are obliged to pay an extra Young/Senior driver charge, the price of which is indicated in the Accessory Charge table

Q. Can I pick up the vehicle after closing time? plus minus

Vehicles can be collected after hours on request and at a cost of EUR 61, VAT included.

Q. How can I extend the period of an active rental? plus minus

If you want to extend the current rental period, on the condition it does not exceed 30 days, you may contact the branch office directly, which will ask you to pass by the branch to extend the contract or change the vehicle that you are using, on communication of a quotation for the extension.

Q. What happens if I am late in returning the vehicle? plus minus

Delays are calculated on the basis of the time indicated in the rental contract, and a tolerance period of 59 minutes is applied. Beyond this period, an extra day of rental will be charged.

Q. Who can I contact regarding a past rental? plus minus

If you need information regarding a past rental, please contact the relative branch, providing the data required for verification.

Q. How do I make a complaint? plus minus

Complaints of any kind can be made by writing to the email address, entering the reservation number or the contract number in the subject line of the email and attaching any documentation related to the complaint.

Q. Driving rules plus minus

Driving direction

In Italy it is obligatory to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Local driving regulations

It is forbidden to sound the horn in residential areas unless strictly necessary.

It is forbidden for the driver to use telephone equipment or headphones while driving. Hands-free equipment or earphones may be used as long as the driver can hear in both ears and does not have to use their hands to operate said equipment.

Towns and cities have areas of historical interest in which vehicles cannot be driven. We advise you to check the “Restricted Traffic Areas (ZTL)” in each town.

Speed limits

Urban areas: 50 km/h (31 mph).

Secondary extra-urban roads: 90 km/h (56 mph).

Motorways: 130 km/h (80 mph).

Main extra-urban roads – highways and ring-roads: 110 km/h (70 mph).

Any variations will be signposted.

Further variations to the speed limit may be signposted in the event of adverse weather conditions.

Child seats – safety belts

It is obligatory for all passengers to wear their safety belts when riding in the vehicle.

Children weighing less than 9 kg must travel in a child seat facing the rear of the vehicle and positioned exclusively on the rear seat.

Children under the age of 12 and of a height of less than 135 cm must travel in dedicated child seats or booster seats.

Attention: parents/rental contract holders are responsible for ensuring that child seats and/or booster seats are positioned correctly.

Attention: the information shown here is of a purely indicative nature. We will do our utmost to keep the information up to date, but we recommend in any case that you check it before beginning to drive in Italy. You hereby accept all responsibility if you decide to rely exclusively on this information.