Q. Would you like to book the car?

You have three options to make your reservation:

  • You can write an email to informing us about the dates, place and the car group you would like to rent.
  • You can fill in the “Rent Now” form directly at
Q. Would you like to chance or cancel your booking?
Q. Can I cancel my reservation?

 The Customer may cancel the prepaid reservation by sending an email to our booking office at

If the cancellation is made before than 24 hours before the scheduled time of collection of the vehicle, in the latter casethe Customer will not pay any penalty.

If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of collection of the vehicle, in the latter casethe Customer will not be entitled to a refund.

Q. How do I know if my booking has been confirmed?

Check if you have received the confirmation e-mail in your inbox.

For more information you can:

Q. What kinds of documents should I have to rent a car?

 To rent a car is necessary to have:

  • Valid driving license
  • Valid identity card or passport,
  • credit card of the contract’s holder (we do not accept Diners)
  • the voucher for all customers who have made their reservation through channels affiliated to Autovia (or the e-mail confirming the reservation).

Renters from a foreign state outside the EU must present a driver’s license from their country of origin along with an international driver’s license or one which is translated by an embassy or an equivalent authority, legible in Latin characters.

Q. What deposits are required to rent a car?

Security deposit required by credit card for small groups (A-M-R-B-C-T) is 500€, for the medium group (N-D-L-E-O-F-I-G-S-V) is 700€, for group H is 1500€, for group J and Y is 2500€.

A credit card is required for pre-authorisation to guarantee the car rental.

Deposits are reduced if additional covers are purchased.

Q. How do I pay for my rental or possible additional services?

At the rental desk you will be asked to pay the security deposit by credit card.

You can pay for your rental with the same credit card or in cash when you pick up the car.

Q. How can I request a copy of my invoice?

The invoice can be requested at the rental desk. It will be printed or sent to your e-mail address.

It can be requested at any time by e-mail by writing to

Q. Have you had an accident? What should you do?

1) Inform the Lessor without any delay about the accident;

2) Fill in all parts the CAI (the report should be signed by both parts) and bring it within 24 hours to the Lessor’s location;

3) Inform the nearest authorities about the accident;

4) Take names, addresses and number plate of every car involved into the accident and personal details of possible witnesses;

5) Provide the Lessor with updated information;

6) Follow the instructions that the Lessor will provide you about the custody or reparing of the Motor Vehicle.

If your vehicle is not running because of a breakdown or accident, you must call the service number 800069814 to request a breakdown service vehicle to tow it to the nearest garage.

Q. Has my car been stolen? What should I do?

In case of theft of the vehicle, the Client must immediately contact the Lessor and report the fact to the Public Safety Authority.

An authenticated copy of the report (or one of the originals specifically drawn up by the police authority) must be given to the Lessor.

Together with the copy of the report, the Client is obliged to return to the Lessor the keys of the motor vehicle as well as the remote control/anti-theft device if the Car is so equipped.

Q. My driving licence has been stolen. Can I rent with a provisional driving licence?

Only for Italian driver licence, at the time of rental, if you have a provisional vehicle registration card, relised from Italian Office, you must present it at the counter and it must be valid and have been issued at least 6 months prior to the date of delivery of the vehicle.

Q. What should I do if I lose my car keys?

If you have lost the car keys, and after having carried out all the necessary searches to rule out the possibility of finding them, you must contact the rental office, which will take any step to recover the car. In this case, the vehicle will not be changed. Therefore, you will have to make a new rental and you will be charged a penalty fee of Euro 395 including VAT – see table.

You will also be charged for the rental until the collection of the car until the keys are sent to the office.

Do you think you have violated the traffic law or have not paid the motorway toll?

The customer, as the holder of the rental contract, is liable for any fines resulting from traffic violations, including non-payment of motorway tolls or parking fees. For this reason, the customer is personally liable.

In the event of an immediate dispute, the customer may proceed with the payment himself, and in this case, he must immediately inform Autovia through any of the available channels (,, by fax at 0514148016) enclosing the report and the payment made. In this case, nothing will be charged to the Customer.

If a violation of the traffic law or non-payment of the motorway toll is reported to the Lessor and such violation is attributable to the rental period in question (without payment by the Client and communication to the Lessor), the Client must still pay the amount indicated in the report notified to Autovia and must pay to Autovia, for the administrative costs, a flat rate determined in the General Rental Conditions, equal to Euro 60.00 including VAT for each report concerning violations of the highway code and Euro 30.00 including VAT for each missed motorway toll.

Autovia will inform the authorities of the details of the holder of the rental contract, responsible for the infringement, so that the report can be renotified.If Autovia should pay any fine for violations of the Customer, the latter, in addition to the payment of the above amounts, must pay Autovia what has been paid as a result of violations attributed to him.

Q. Do you think you may have violated the highway code or have not paid a motorway toll?

The customer, as the holder of the hire contract, is responsible for any fines resulting from violations of the highway code, including the non-payment of motorway tolls or parking fees. This is why the customer is obliged to take direct responsibility.

In the case of immediate fines, the customer may pay directly, and must immediately inform Autovia via any of the available channels (,, fax +39 0514148016), providing a copy of the relative document and proof of payment. In this case, no additional charge will be made to the customer.

In the event that a fine for violation of the highway code or the non-payment of motorway tolls is charged to the Lessor, and said violation relates to the period of hire in question (without the customer having paid the fine and informed the lessor), the customer will be obliged to pay the sum indicated on the documentation sent to Autovia and pay Autovia a sum for administrative fees as set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Hire and equal to 60.00 euros VAT included for each fine concerning violations of the highway code and 30.00 euros VAT included for each non-payment of motorway tolls.

Autovia will provide the relative authorities with the details of the hire contract holder responsible for the violation in order for the fine to be readdressed. In the event that Autovia is obliged to pay any fine for violations made by the customer, the latter will be obliged to pay Autovia the amount paid as a consequence of the fine, in addition to the aforementioned sums.

Q. Got the damage charge?

The customer is obliged to ask for the signature of an Autovia employee on the Check-in on which the actual state of the car and the fuel level is indicated. Autovia has a tolerance up to 2 cm on the damages on the car body, see example in photo.

In case of missed signature and also in cases of out of working hours’ time drop off, the documentation of Autovia will be tacitly accepted by the Customer.

If damage is found on the vehicle when it is taken over, Autovia will inform about it the Customer by email with photos and the estimation.

If the customer does not give any feedback within 3 (three) days of receipt of the e-mail, Autovia will charge the penalties (damage assessment, accident administrative management fee, Vehicle’s standstill, cost of production of damage estimate, depreciation of the Vehicle) and the cost of repair of the vehicle through the customer’s credit card.

Q. How can you detect previous damage (i.e. damage already present when the vehicle is picked up) and prevent it from being disputed as soon as the vehicle is returned?

 By downloading the new “Autovia” app free of charge, users can log in with their identification code and take photos of the vehicle at the beginning and at the end of the rental period and then upload the photos on the app so it will be much easy and  immediate to check for any anomalies when the vehicle is returned and to obtain the necessary feedback, thus considerably increasing customer’s protection mechanisms.

Q. Can I drive the rented car abroad?

If the Rental Company authorizes travelling in one of the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, the Client commits to accept the additional cost of the Cross Border service, determined in the rental Agreement and indicated in . If the Client shouldn’t inform the rental Company of his intention to drive the vehicle in one of the indicated countries, in other words, does not accept the Cross Border cost, and it effectively drives the vehicle in one of the mentioned countries, the Rental Company will apply a penalty (cost indicated in the )

Q. What could be the additional extras and possible extra charges at pick-up and drop-off?

You can find the list of extra accessories and their price by clicking on this link:

For any inquiries or clarifications, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Write an email to
  • Consult the rental agreement
  • Check during the reservation the costs of extra accessories.
Q. Can I return my rental car to a different agency than the one I picked up here?

The cost of the drop off in another agency is Eur 73,20 vat included, the drop off to/for Sicily is Eur 305,00 vat included.

It is not possible to return the car in Sardinia or abroad.

Q. Can I add an extra driver?

It is possible to add additional drivers before the car collection at a cost of Euro 6.05 per day including VAT and this extra can be paid also at the rental counter.

Q. I have not refuelled the vehicle to the same level of fuel as I collected it at the beginning of the rental period

 If I have not returned the vehicle at the same fuel level or any other level than when I collected the car at the beginning of the rental period, the customer will be charged the cost of the missing fuel at a cost/litre stated in the contract, plus any 25 euros (VAT exempt) as a penalty.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum age to rent a car?

The minimum age is 19 years old.

For drivers between 19 and 25 years old (included), or more than 75 is mandatory to pay an extra cost indicated at  . The customer must have held a driving licence for at least one year.

Q. Can I pick up a car out of working hours’ time?

Out of hour pick pick up and drop off, when the office is closed, is on request and cost 61 euro VAT included (If the office is equipped with a 24-hour Key Box, out-of-hours delivery is free of charge).

In this case, however, the customer accepts that it will not be possible to detect any damage, fuel shortage or other anomalies with the Autovia employee. This will be detected independently by the Autovia employee and then possibly disputed to the customer.

The customer remains responsible for the vehicle until the reopening of the Autovia station.

Q. What do I have to do to extend a rental in progress?

If you wish to extend a rental in progress, unless it exceeds 30 days, you will need to contact the car rental office directly, who will ask you to come to the cart rental office to extend the contract or change the vehicle you are using, customer will receive an estimate before this procedure.

Q. What happens if I return the vehicle after the contract has expired?

The delay is calculated according to the drop off time indicated in the rental agreement and has a tolerance of 59 minutes. Beyond that an extra day’s rental will be charged.

Q. Who can I contact regarding a closed rental?

If you need information about a closed rental, please contact the relevant car rental office, providing all the necessary details for further verification.

Q. Would you like to make a claim?

To make any claim you can write us to inserting the number of your booking or the contract number in the subject of the email and attaching any documentation relating to the complaint.

Traffic rules

Direction of travel

In Italy it is mandatory to drive on the right side of the roadway.

Local Rules for road circulation:

It is forbidden to use the Clackson in urban areas, except if strictly necessary.

It is forbidden for the driver to use radio-telephones or earphones while driving. Speakerphone or earphone may be used provided that the driver has adequate hearing ability for both ears and that the use of the hands is not required for their operation.

In the cities there are areas of historical relevance in which it is not possible to transit with cars. We invite you to search for “ZTL” (restricted traffic zone) in each location.

Speed Limits

– Urban Areas: 50 km/h (31 mph)

– Secondary urban streets: 90 km/h (56 mph)

– Highways: 130 km/h (80 mph)

– Extra urban streets – freeways: 110 km/h (70 mph)

Any variations will be indicated by the street signals.

Additional speed limit changes may be reported in the event of inclement weather conditions

Baby/Child Seats – safety belts

It is mandatory for all passengers to wear seat belts inside the vehicle.

  • Children weighing less than 9 Kg must travel in baby seats directed to the back of the car and placed exclusively in the back seats.
  • Children under 12 years and of a hight inferior to 135 cm must travel on dedicated child seats or boostes.

Warning: the correct position of the child seat or boosters is the parent’s responsibility or the owner of the rental contract.

Warning: information here reported is merely indicative. We will keep this information as updated as possible but we suggest to verify them before driving in the country. In case you decided to rely solely to this information, it will be your completely responsibility.