6 July 2020

Car rental protagonist of summer mobility 2020

- From an ANIASA press release:

28% of Italians will give up their summer holidays, thanks to the fears related to the pandemic and the difficult economic scenario. 70% of vacationers will prefer national destinations, 3 out of 10 are ready to use a rental car. The data emerge from an analysis conducted by ANIASA (the Association that represents the mobility services sector within Confindustria) with the consulting firm Bain & Company *. What has just begun will be a particular summer, the first since the beginning of the pandemic, the first in which the rules of social distancing must be respected, the first in which a drastic reduction in arrivals from abroad is expected. With the growing distrust of collective mobility systems, due to the possible risk of contagion, the car is starting to be the main mobility tool. After the block determined by the lockdown in March / April and a first partial recovery in the months of May and June, in these weeks (usually the peak for the rent-a-car business) the sector is recording a contraction of more than 50% of rentals.

"The health emergency has dramatically affected the tourist demand in our country and therefore on rental requests, practically zeroed in the months of March, April and May" - observes Massimiliano Archiapatti, President of ANIASA - "In the coming weeks we expect that, thanks to him you arrive in fits and starts of foreign tourists, it will be mainly the Italians to rent cars. Even more so in this phase of restart and economic difficulties for many families, rental is the most efficient, safe and economical way to reach their holiday destinations, often in remote and less crowded areas, but no less rich in history and culture of our country. By following a few guidelines you can better enjoy the experience, saving money and choosing the most suitable service for your fun and relaxing holidays ". On the occasion of the first departures for the holidays, ANIASA remembers the main rules to follow to rent a vehicle safely (to download the guide created by the Association with the National Union of Consumers: https://www.aniasa.it/uploads /allegati/Autonoleggio-le-buone-regole_1.pdf), from the time of booking to delivery, passing through the collection of the vehicle. Councils to which are added the requirements related to social distancing.

How to book:

1. choose the most appropriate channel to book, paying attention to distinguish rent-a-car companies from agencies and brokers.

2. When closing the booking, check the services provided and the additional costs for optional services (eg navigator or child seat).

3. Don't save on insurance: it could protect you in case of problems, but get informed about the deductibles!

4. Ask what payment methods are accepted and when the amount will be withdrawn.

5. Have an email sent with all the details of the reservation, if made online.

6. Learn about the vehicle sanitation / sanitation procedures practiced by the operator.

Collect the car and manage the rental:

1. When taking the car, check the interior / exterior and, if it is damaged, have it noted on the contract.

2. Remember to show your driver's license (check validity first) and credit card (check availability of funds and expiration) at the desk.

3. Be told exactly who to contact and what to do in case of breakdown or accident.

4. If the journey is undertaken with "non-relatives", a maximum of three people can stay inside the passenger compartment in a five-seater car and five in a seven-seater car. In both cases, no one will be able to sit next to the driver and it is mandatory to wear a mask.

In case of travel with "relatives", there are no new restrictions.

How to manage the return:

  1. Return the car during office opening hours, check that there are no new damages and have a written certificate issued. If you leave the keys in a safe, outside opening hours, do not forget to photograph the vehicle in order to contest any undue charges.
  2. Return the car with the same amount of fuel: otherwise there are penalties.

The data are taken from a study conducted by Bain & Company, conducted in late May / early June, on a sample of 1,000 residents in the main Italian cities.

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