5 August 2020

Ford Bronco: The myth returns to reality in the modern reissue of a classic

From removable doors to 35 'tires, Bronco is the off-road vehicle ready for anything.

It will go on sale in spring 2021, in North America only, starting at a list price of $ 29,995 for the two-door version. The four-door variant goes up in price, starting from a base of $ 34,695.

In the inevitable comparison with the Jeep Wrangler, Bronco loses its characteristics as a versatile car for every family, typical of its more vintage version, and dives into the off-road world armed to the teeth with cutting-edge technology, a powerful engine and of an innovative mechanics.

The traction of all models is 4x4, with electro-mechanical reduction gear, while as regards the EcoBoost petrol engines we are talking about a 4-cylinder turbo 2.3, capable of delivering 274 HP (torque 420 Nm) or a 6-cylinder bi-turbo 2.7 , from 314 hp.

Also for the American market it will be possible to rely on the manual gearbox, as well as the usual automatic gearbox.

Its “Sport” version is also planned, a model designed on the platform of the Escape, with decidedly more usual lines and more sparing engines, always petrol. In this case, it is a car more suitable for asphalt than its sister, for decidedly less intense routes.

When and in which versions will we see it in Italy? It is not known, but we suggest that you prepare yourself by juggling one of our SUVs, if you intend to buy it.

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